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Residential Tinting for Energy Savings

Austin Energy Preferred Partner

The experts agree.  Window tinting can be more effective at controlling your home's temperature than replacing the AC.  Solaris Window Tinting works in concert with the City of Austin, Binswanger Glass, Travis County Energy Authorities, and many other general contractors; filming your favorite restaurants, local businesses, and venues.  


Llumar's energy saving window film technology is available to you through Solaris.  Learn the full benefits in one phone call.  It's super easy, we're here to help!

Get a FREE in-home estimate and demonstration on your own window!

Shield your home of UV rays

Our products eliminate 99% of UV rays and will significantly reduce the sun's damage.


Say goodbye to fading carpets, dull walls, dimming furniture, and floors by allowing us to install your tint today!

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One of the reasons you bought your home is because of its natural light, but the natural light you love also comes with harmful UV rays and unwanted heat gain.  With over 99% UV blockage and an overall heat reduction of up to 78%; installing window film is the most effective solution for you. This allows you to enjoy that sun saturated room you’ve been avoiding in the heat of the day.  Lower temperatures in the house mean lower utility bills! Enjoy your home’s truest beauty.


You have a lot of options in residential window tinting.  At Solaris Tinting, we take all aspects into consideration; your room décor, color scheme, glare, and amount of light desired. One afternoon is all it takes to achieve the ambiance you’re looking for.



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