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Paint Protection Film

Protect your car from rock chips, insects, other road debris, and everyday wear and tear with clear paint protection film.  This super tough, self-healing, virtually invisible material covers the areas on your vehicle most vulnerable to damage.  With paint protection coverage you maintain the value of your car.  As this film takes the beating, your investment remains in pristine condition.


Our most practical and popular package, the “Everyday Wear” package covers everything from scratches under door handles, to luggage loading areas on the rear bumper. We’ve even got you covered at the super market with door edge protection, partial hood, and side mirror coverage!

Vinyl Stripes and Graphics

Nothing transforms a monotone stock sports car into the aggressive machine you’re dreaming of, better than race stripes! Hash marks on fenders, a flat black roof, or a bit of custom flare down the sides that you found online.  Bring it in, we’ll make it happen!

Get affordable paint protection film for everyday wear and tear for any vehicle!

Tinted Lights

There’s no mistaking the best in the business here. We use Lamin-x products for head and tail light accents and protection. You’re lights will be impervious to road debris damage, and you can opt for a sleek subtle tint for them. This protection comes in all colors for show vehicles or a deeper smoked appearance that’s just mean looking!

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