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What We Can Do For Your Business

Commercial buildings often have a unique set of issues with windows. Your large store front views are an essential part of your selling power, but they can also be one of your biggest financial drains in terms of energy costs.  Sun-damaged merchandise, or a dull faded store appearance can greatly affect your bottom line.  On the other hand, you may have rows of offices with employees blinded by the sun, and dealing with temperatures that sky-rocket at specific times of the day.


At Solaris Tinting, we are well aware of the negative effects of the Texas sun on our fellow business owners, and rest assured we have the perfect solution to your unique problem.

Benefits of Commercial Tinting

  • Instant relief of extreme “Hot Spots” from direct sunlight

  • Reduction in cooling costs

  • Glare reduction on computer screens

  • Better comfort means a more productive employee and a more pleasant buying experience

  • Options to keep an unchanged uniformity to a building or to add a desired aesthetic appeal

  • Creation of elegant privacy for customers or seal off areas deemed undesirable to prying eyes

  • 99%+ UV reduction protects company property and assets, store appearance and loss of merchandise due to sun damage

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