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Solaris Window Tinting in partnership with Llumar Window Films gives you the solution to all your residential tinting needs. With a world class film line that excels at heat reduction, privacy, and UV blockage, Solaris Window tinting has the solution for you!

One of the biggest issues our clients come to us with is wanting to maintain the natural light in their homes while also reducing heat. Our Llumar Air 80 does just that. With it's clear, invisible appearance; Llumar Air 80 still reduces 44% of the heat and blocks over 99% of UV rays. No other film on the market is as aesthetically neutral while having such a high heat rejection.

This window film is so effective that it is used in the most sun saturated climates. Check out the case study below to see how beneficial Solaris Window Tinting and Llumar Window films can be.

For more residential tinting or commercial tinting options, give Solaris Window Tinting a call.

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