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Window film is a great way to save money on energy costs!

By solariswind40262417, Mar 22 2016 03:34PM

With summer coming, the thoughts of unbearable heat and high energy costs are on everyone's mind. Window film is one of the most effective solutions, not only for heat reduction, but also to greatly reduce energy costs in your home. Did you know that applying window film to your windows will save you more money than getting a high efficiency A/C unit? Solaris Window Tinting provides you with products that are so energy efficient, that we are one of the few companies that has teamed up with Austin Energy to give our customers rebates on residential and commercial window tinting.

In the following article the Hyatt hotel in the Houston area wanted to reduce their $1.6 million energy costs. By applying film to the 924,000sf hotel, they were able to drastically reduce the energy costs by 23%, get over $26,000 in rebates, and give their customers a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Check out the article to see how valuable window tint can be:

May 31 2016 10:41AM by Tanya

Great Link to Get step-by-step tutorial on Proper Window Film Installation by one click.

Jun 21 2016 08:07PM by Tanya

Firstly, i would like to say thanks for this blog and hope we will get other related to it with a short period of time.

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