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By solariswind40262417, Jul 11 2016 04:54PM

They're back...those 100 degree days that we all dread. The days when you get in your car, and the leather is so hot that it burns to sit down. You all know what I'm talking about. Yesterday a customer came in with his black car, black leather interior and explained to me that he scheduled his driving time in order to avoid the heat of the day. That is, he did all he could do to avoid driving midday because he couldn't even sit in the seat, let alone touch the steering wheel. I've had many parents complain that they had to be careful putting their children into carseats because of how hot the seat was, and the burninig heat of the seat buckles.

If the heat in your car is unbearable, window tinting is the solution for you! The difference we were able to make in these customers' cars was drastic. Our ceramic film line can reduce the heat in your car by up to 62%! Not to mention the 99% blockage of UV rays for you and your family. Our customers have been amazed at the difference tinting their car has made. Their reviews speak for themselves!

By solariswind40262417, Jun 13 2016 06:00PM

Solaris Window Tinting in partnership with Llumar Window Films gives you the solution to all your residential tinting needs. With a world class film line that excels at heat reduction, privacy, and UV blockage, Solaris Window tinting has the solution for you!

One of the biggest issues our clients come to us with is wanting to maintain the natural light in their homes while also reducing heat. Our Llumar Air 80 does just that. With it's clear, invisible appearance; Llumar Air 80 still reduces 44% of the heat and blocks over 99% of UV rays. No other film on the market is as aesthetically neutral while having such a high heat rejection.

This window film is so effective that it is used in the most sun saturated climates. Check out the case study below to see how beneficial Solaris Window Tinting and Llumar Window films can be.

For more residential tinting or commercial tinting options, give Solaris Window Tinting a call.

By solariswind40262417, May 5 2016 02:37PM

The heat is here and Lake Travis is full for the first time in years! The water is perfect, Lakeway is buzzing, and the Oasis has a perfect view of your boat from their decks. Be the envy of all, by giving your boat a sharp new look at Solaris Window Tinting. Tinting your boat's windows gives it a sleek, James Bond like appearance where you can serve those martinits, "shaken not stirred". Plus tinting your boat's windows gives added UV protection all day from the hot Texas sun. Solaris WIndow TInting is one of the few tint companies that specializes in marine/boat tinting. We are conveniently located on 620 only minutes away from the lake. So give us a call, and get your boat ready for an summer of fun and entertaining on the lake.

By solariswind40262417, Mar 22 2016 03:34PM

With summer coming, the thoughts of unbearable heat and high energy costs are on everyone's mind. Window film is one of the most effective solutions, not only for heat reduction, but also to greatly reduce energy costs in your home. Did you know that applying window film to your windows will save you more money than getting a high efficiency A/C unit? Solaris Window Tinting provides you with products that are so energy efficient, that we are one of the few companies that has teamed up with Austin Energy to give our customers rebates on residential and commercial window tinting.

In the following article the Hyatt hotel in the Houston area wanted to reduce their $1.6 million energy costs. By applying film to the 924,000sf hotel, they were able to drastically reduce the energy costs by 23%, get over $26,000 in rebates, and give their customers a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Check out the article to see how valuable window tint can be:

By guest, Feb 23 2016 07:58PM

Everyone in Austin knows how brutal the summer heat can be, and how beneficial window tint can be in your car. Not only does tinting your windows help block out heat, but it also blocks out UV rays, and can improve the look of your vehicle. Now is the time to get your tint on before we have the 90-100 degree days. Take advantage of our coupons on the website and keep yourself cool and make your car look even cooler!

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