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The Best Automotive Tinting in Austin

With our 20+ years of experience and fastidious eye for detail, we’ve researched and compared films from all manufacturers and put together the best line of products to protect you and your vehicle.  


All of our films have the highest guarantee available, with a nationwide manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

You have a lot of choices out there.  Let us clear up the  confusion.  

Proven Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Extreme heat reduction

  • Adds a stylish allure to any vehicle, increasing the value

  • Increase privacy and prevention of smash and grab incidents

  • Glare reduction and UV elimination  

  • Gives you and your car 1000+ SPF protection

  • Effectively stops the interior fading process and damage to your skin

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Our Film Line Details

Pro Series

  • Minimal investment for impressive style and optimal heat reduction

  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (Heat reduction) from 41-48%

  • 99%+ UV rejection and Lifetime Warranty

LLumar Performance Series

  • Timeless classic, great film for increased heat rejection without the ceramic cost

  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (Heat reduction) from 44-60%

  • 99%+ UV rejection and Lifetime Warranty




Llumar Ceramic Series

  • Top performing all around film, our favorite and best seller

  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (Heat reduction) of 56-66%

  • Thick and durable with a superior scratch resistant coat

  • 99%+ UV rejection and Lifetime Warranty

Maximum 360  protection with clear windshield film

  • Clear film, does not change visibility, meets Texas guidelines for windshield tinting

  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (Heat) of 41%  

  • Blocks 99%+ UV, the main cause of premature aging

  • Complete 360 degree tinting reduces radiant heat due to heat absorption from the dash, seats, and interior

You’re more exposed to harmful UV rays and unbearable heat from your windshield than from any other window in your car.   Get maximum protection with our clear windshield film.



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"Tinting in Austin Texas is an absolute necessity!"

"The tint made a big difference. Solaris did a fantastic job!"

Automotive Tinting

Xtreme Performance Ceramic

  • Trendsetter in the industry, with performance where it counts

  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (Heat reduction) from 48-60%

  • 99%+ UV rejection and Lifetime Warranty

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